Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers: The Reiss Family To Become Villains?

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With the premiere nearing, several Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers have emerged online and recently, it?s the Reiss family that?s being talked about. Because everyone seems to be fighting the corrupt King, the Reiss family is said to be the most prominent nemesis of the King.

Recent rumors suggest that this is because the Reiss family also has the ability to turn into Titans. Krista, a member of the Reiss family and said to be the heir to the throne, tops the 103th Training Corps. Krista joined the training alongside Eren Jaeger and some of their friends; without them knowing Krista?s true identity.

Previous Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers also suggest that, Krista is not only a good soldier, but she also possesses her family?s secret identity; the ability to turn into a Titan. Now, questions about the Reiss family using their power for the good of the people within the city walls remained at question. Although spoilers reveal, they only turn to Titans, it wasn?t revealed whether they will use this to expand their territory.

Meanwhile, Krista?s identity becomes more known as Eren becomes the hooligan who seems to make mistakes on most of the missions. His antics have apparently caught on his teammates that some of the Survey Corps were in risk of dying because of his actions.

Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers also reveal that Krista?s role may possibly be seen during the latter part of season and not exactly as an opening scene. This applies on the part where Krista transforms into a Titan.


The series will revolve around the soldiers trying to prevent the Titans from invading the highly walled cities. But when one day, when they see a Titan emerge through the walls, Hange and his troops did not immediately know what to do. All there is to it is to protect the city no matter what and no matter how. The story tells, how one city will fight against the Titans after years of isolating them behind the giant walls that protect the city.

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