Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers: Death Awaits An Important Character In AoT?

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Much has been said about the latest on Attack on Titan Season 2, but nothing really compares to knowing that there might be death looming for the important characters of the show. It?s now been confirmed that a new type of Titan was able to pass through the Walls of the city, Hange and her troops must do something to protect the people. In the latest Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers, GameNGuide mentioned that it might be Armin who will ultimately pay the price of fighting against the Colossal Titans.

In an effort to prevent a Colossal Titan from killing Erin and to eventually terminate its existence, Armin will make a plan and use himself as bait. While the Titan will do everything to chase Armin, Erin will take advantage of the diversion and kill him with a deathblow. Unfortunately, the manner in which Armin will suffer remains unclear.

Did the manga version of Attack on Titan kill Armin? Or is it just a way to show how hard it is to kill a Titan? If we look through how Attack on Titan Season 2 unfolded in the previous months, it?s clear how the manga creator and anime director agreed on referring to the manga version for the second season. Unfortunately, out of the four story arcs needed in order to finish Attack on Titan Season 2, there?s only 2 story arcs available. Hofmag reported that Armin?s death is definite, this is after the manga version of Attack on Titan featured his death. With the Attack on Titan Season 2 team working closely with the manga version, it?s safe to safe that at one point, the anime will touch the death of Armin.

Surprising as it may seem, death must not be taken as a taboo subject. This is especially true when Armin, Mikasa and Erin work as Survey Corps, the group that hunts down Titans and battles them in order to protect the city. Are you looking forward to watch the episodes on Attack on Titan Season 2? Don?t miss the fun and know the latest on your favorite anime by reading

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