Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers: Characters Identities Revealed?

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Now that Attack on Titan Season 2 is finally scheduled to arrive in the early part of 2017, let?s take a look at what might happen as the adventure continues. If you?re not up to see some spoilers, stop right here! But if you wish to continue on and learn more about this brand new season that we?ve been waiting for, then go on right ahead and read on.

Apparently, Attack on Titan Season 2 will see a rebellion against the King. According to reports, the people within the city know how corrupt the King is, and they want him down. Could this be one of the reasons why Titans were seen lurking between the city walls? The Reiss family will be the one to fight the King. Of course, what makes everyone in the Reiss family so powerful is that all of its members can turn into a Titan.

Want more spoilers? You can read on because we certainly have enough Attack on Titan season 2 spoilers for you. Ever wonder what Ymir?s secret is? You?re right, Ymir could also turn into a Titan, something that trails the characters of the Colossal, Rogue, Female and Armor. While Ymir may post a smaller version of the Titans, her size is definitely an advantage as she does some things that the other Titans cannot do.

Ymir is characterized as the hot headed, selfish and uncooperative Titan, who has little patience with those who are lying. Bertolt Hoover, on the other hand, is the typical outcast. Outcast in a manner that he is characterized as a quiet, untalkative and emotionless creature. He delivers what?s needed and fights like a real Titan only when needed. Reiner, on the other hand, is the more enjoyable version of Bertolt, even if they both possess the same characteristic of being quiet. Reiner is known to be an honest and selfless character. Reiner is an Armoured Titan, meaning he previously appeared, prior to the soldier?s training.

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