Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers: Beast Titan Set to Arrive; What to Expect from This Peculiar Character

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Attack on Titan is set to return for its sophomore season in April 2017. Given the success of the first installment, Attack on Titan season 2 did not come as a surprise for many. Along with the confirmation of a second season are endless speculations from anime fans about the return of Eren and the rest of the squad.

The second season will reportedly focus on the so-called ‘Clash of the Titans’ arc. Spoilers suggest that it will reveal the true identity of two peculiar Titans. Anime fans might get their first glimpse of the Beast Titan and another titan in season 2.

The Beast Titan Arrives

Based on the name itself, the Beast Titan is an ape-like beast. It is expected that the new character is one that would fascinate anime viewers. For those who read the manga, the Beast Titan would be nothing new to them.

The Beast Titan looks wild and fury. The said character was first introduced in July 2012. The behemoth had an interaction with Mike Zacharias after the 104th Training Corps learns that Titans have breached Wall Rose.

The unusual creature killed Mike?s horse. The Beast Titan initiated a conversation with Mike. He talked about his gear and training. Eventually, the Beast Titan leaves.

Fans of the manga are aware that the Beast Titan is one of the most dangerous villains Eren and his squad have ever encountered. Most recently, readers have learned a shocking revelation about the Beast Titan. It was revealed that the Beast Titan is actually Zeke Yeager.

Yeager is Eren?s half-brother. He is also a Titan Shifter. Yeager works for the country?s government as a warchief and utilises his Titan Shifting abilities to help retrieve the Coordinate.

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