Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers: Ymir Also a Titan-Shifter, Krista is the Future Ruler of the Land

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Attack on Titan Season 2 will reveal Ymir's identity as the 5th Titan and Krista as the future ruler.
Attack on Titan Season 2 will reveal Ymir’s identity as the 5th Titan and Krista as the future ruler.

Anime fans have been anticipating the?Attack on Titan Season 2. However, since the second season was?confirmed, the production has been pushed back several times, mostly because the source manga is still unfinished. A new report claims though that the anime series has been confirmed for an early 2017 premiere. It will feature the Clash of Titans arc and shocking revelations about the identities of some characters.

It was previously reported that the?Attack on Titan Season 2 will feature the Reiss family in power, which may have been a surprise to some. Apparently, the family?s members are also Titans, and they will have an important role in the upcoming season of the series. Moreover, it was revealed that Krista is one of them, and her true identity will be unraveled in the second season.

What to Watch Out for in Attack on Titan Season 2

Krista, being part of the royal?Reiss family, will reportedly be the future ruler in the second season. Season 2 will feature a rebellion against the corrupt King, led by Commander Smith. However, viewers will find out that the King was not the one in charge all along but the Reiss family. Krista is the heir of the clan, and she is the poised ruler of the land. Krista?s protector will also be revealed in Season 2.

Meanwhile, viewers will also discover that Ymir is the ?fifth character with the ability to turn into a titan form.? Called the ?Dancing Titan,? Ymir?s Titan form is only six to seven meters tall. However, such small size allows her to move fast; hence the nickname.


Attack on Titan Season 2 will also reportedly feature deaths of various fan-favorite?characters such as Levi Ackerman. However, fans have to wait for the anime series? 2017 premiere to find out if this is true. The source manga is reportedly 60 percent finished already, so there may be enough material for the series to use once Season 2 of the anime debuts.

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