?Attack on Titan? Season 2 Release Date, Rumors: More Threats Coming, Eren and Krista to Fall in Love?

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The ?Attack on Titan? Season 2 release date ?has not been announced up to this point. While this is the case, rumored storylines for the hit anime are skyrocketing. Rumor has it that Eren Jaeger will be seen in a whole new titan form. Fans could also look into a possibility of getting introduced to a new villain that will push both Levi and Mikasa to the wall.

These, of course, remain to be just speculations for now. There are no supporting details that indicate that these storylines will be used for “Attack on Titan” Season 2.

It was stated that there is also a chance for the plot to change, which might result to a new threat for Eren and the rest of his group. ?And it looks like threats will just keep on coming as Mikasa and Armin’s lives will also be in serious danger. Eren cannot do much when ?Attack on Titan? returns for its second season.

When it comes to the romantic side of things, speculations claim that Eren and Krista are bound to fall in love with each other. Many fans would surely love to see this happen. But then again, all the speculations on the storyline remain as such since the creators have not released any statement to confirm anything.

?Attack on Titan? season 2 could also reveal the secret reign of the Reiss family. Their ability to transform into titans will be made known. Krista Lenz is also expected to expose her true self and form. Her name as Historia Reiss will also be disclosed. ?Avid viewers from the first season know that Lenz happens to be a member of the Scouting Legion.

Other reports are raising the possibility of seeing various new angles. This means Attack on Titan” Season 2 could have a disconnected storyline. The series? first season was a huge success and fans have great expectations with regards to the upcoming season.

The forthcoming return of “Attack on Titan” for its season 2 is indeed filled with a lot of speculations and rumors. Tune in at TheBigBag for more definite updates.

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