Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date Delayed Indefinitely; Season 2 to be the Final Season?

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The Attack on Titan Season 2 release date has been delayed indefinitely.
The Attack on Titan Season 2 release date has been delayed indefinitely.

Bad news for manga and anime fans: the Attack on Titan Season 2 release date has been delayed ?indefinitely.? This means that the second season of the hit anime won?t come out this year. It appears that it will take a little bit longer before Season 2 of the anime is released.

According to Saiko Plus (via Inquirer), the developers of the anime are waiting for the source material to be completed before they push through with the production. As Attack on Titan is based on a manga of the same title, there has to be enough material first before Attack on Titan Season 2 is launched. Apparently, the anime developers are waiting for the first four arcs of the manga to be completed so they won?t have to create filler episodes while there?s no new manga content yet. According to the report, the developers also don?t want the story to be derailed from its direction in Season 1.

Design & Trend reported that creator Hajime Isayama said that Attack on Titan Season 2 would focus more on Ymir. It was revealed in Season 1 that Ymir was actually a former Titan for 60 years. Season 2 is expected to show the character?s connection to the ?history of the Titans and their rise in the world.?

The report also noted that the manga is only two arcs ahead of the anime, and it was said that the new season of the anime won?t be released until two more arcs are added to the manga. The site says that if Attack on Titan Season 2 manages to cover four story arcs, then it will be the last season for the anime. However, it seems fans won?t need to worry about the anime ending soon, given the slow development of the manga. It?s also highly possible that Isayama will be able to come up with more material to extend the story of both the manga and the anime.

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