Attack on Titan Season 2 News and Update: Official Trailer Arrives; Introducing the Titans That Will Threaten Humanity

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As Attack on Titan Season 2 premieres next year, the series is releasing an all new trailer for the fans. The new trailer features the emergence of the Titans and how they try to conquer the humans. And just like the previous AoT Season 2 spoilers, it will start with the Titans showing up long after the people created walls to protect them from their wrath.

The all new Attack on Titan Season 2 will feature the reappearance of the Titans. Humans have now realized; that some of the Titans have been helping them all this time. As new Titans invade the city, the warriors are all set to battle against them. As more Titans arrive from the South, it becomes clearer that Wall Rose has been breached.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Trailer

The new trailer also suggests that humankind is again facing one of its darkest days. If they need to act against the Titans, now is the time. Attack on Titan Season 2 will capitalize on Eren?s hardening transformation to seal the holes. If he does, the people will be kept safe and it will stop the Titans from bursting through the walls.


As Eren, Mikasa and Armin?s fight against the Titans, they discovered that the Titans came from the South. One of the warriors claims it is his own hometown. Fearing they have been lied to, the three warriors will continue to protect the people; fighting the Titans with the help of the other Titans.

The Inquistr posted a description of ?the Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer saying ?As the fifth story arc, the plot follows the Survey Corps after Wall Rose is breached by a slew of Titans. The soldiers must fight back against the horde of mindless creatures; but they find themselves stopped at every avenue thanks to the Armored and Colossus Titans.?

You can check the latest Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer here. But for more news and update about the AoT Season 2 spoilers; make sure to visit and read us here on TheBitBag. Attack on Titan Season 2 will premiere on April 2017.

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