Attack on Titan Season 2 Anime, Spoilers, Release Date: 5 Predictions We Want to Come True in Season 2

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There are a few expectations in the upcoming Attack on Titan season 2 anime series. Aside from the release date of the anime, fans are eager to know some of the details of the new season. Except for some few mentioned Titans, there isn?t much to say about the giant monsters. With no concrete identity and purpose except to kill and eat humans, the underlying presence of the beasts remains a question.

So before the Attack on Titan (AoT) season 2 kicks off, there are a few things needed to be addressed before fans can actually get a grasp of the anime series. According to the ComicBook, one of the most notable information needed to be revealed in the new season is the identity of the Titans. If we can depend on the AoT manga series to tell all of it, fans should know where the Colossal and Armored Titans come from; but this is the anime series and things could be different.

Wish List for Attack on Titan Season 2

Can we rely on the creator to add more spice on the side characters of the Attack on Titan season 2? Reports reveal that while it is notable that series like the AoT may have some filler episodes, fans would want to see a more detailed side character and not just a passing warrior that will not have resemblance in the future.

Will the Beast Titan?s identity be revealed this time? Just how much time is needed in order for fans and the characters in the series to know the history of the Titan and why they exist? The manga series says he?s Zeke, the half brother of Eren Yeager, but there?s more to their story as Eren is also known to be a Titan Shifter.

Attack on Titan Anthology

Seeing more of Ymir on Attack on Titan season 2 will also bring new meaning to the series. Now that he?s a confirmed Titan Shifter from the 104th Training Corps, he?s also tasked to train Krista, the daughter of Rod Reiss (also a Titan Shifter) and Krista, heir to the Reiss family.

Like any other good movie series, unless there?s another season coming, a cliffhanger ending is not quite appreciated, rather, a good and original ending would suffice for longtime fans of the Attack on Titan series.

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