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Attack on Titan: Online Game Ends as Trailer; Promises to be better than Subaru

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Attack on Titan became the instant talk of the town since a live-action film was announced to be in the works.

The live-action film should take some cues from the Samurai X movies and even Naruto! The Last about how to make an anime story into a successful film. These movies managed to become a sensation in their own right because of some inspired acting from the actors, as well as good directing, It?s not like Shingeki no Kyojin?or Attack on Titan?as it doesn?t have live-action content yet.

We have, as per iDigital Times, a live-action film in the guise of a commercial. However, it seems the film has a one-up over the commercial in terms of excellence?some say that the trailer for the live-film is already better than the commercial. Another news coming from Anime News Network brings to us news about the conclusion of the online Attack on Titan game.

Live Action Attack on Titan Trailer delivers

There has been a live-action trailer for Attack on Titan before?that commercial with Subaru?but of course, the live-action trailer for the movie has to be better.

According to the iDigital Times, this trailer just how awesome the movie would be. Though it was dark, notwithstanding Hanji?s fascination with the Titans and the appearance of the main characters, just the vision of the various Corps members in action with their 3D maneuver gear is awesome to behold, if you?re a true fan.

Given the right marketing and the proper exposure, Attack on Titan might just turn out to be a mega-film. It?s an underground thing that threatens to spill over to the mainstream with this movie.

Attack on Titan ends its Online Games service

All things do come to an end, and the same is true with the Attack on Titan online game.

This game, along with others?namely Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online and Initial D: Perfect Shift Online?is going to stop their respective services in games online, as reported by the?Anime News Network. The reason for this wasn?t given in the article, but the browser games will be ending their respective services by May, while the 3DS game will be ending in June.

It might be the lack of support from gamers using it, but the clamor for an Attack on Titan game?in one form or another?will always be present, especially when the movie comes out finally.

Attack on Titan in the Movies

Attack on Titan?the manga?is constantly adding chapters even as we speak. This is a good sign that the content for Attack on Titan is growing?and in the future, perhaps better games and a follow-up movie will be the reward for it.


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