Attack on Titan Game Release Date, Trailer & Updates: Mikasa Version Out Now

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The all new Attack on Titan game release date is coming soon and we have the latest news and spoilers about the game. May we remind you that despite the game also being based on the AoT manga series, there are scenes and gameplay that totally diverts from the storyline of the original manga.

In the latest trailer of the Attack on Titan game, it significantly featured the start of the challenge. The castle where a certain investigation is being held has collapsed. The collapse brings the characters, including Eren, all the way to the bottom of the castle. They must now fight to get out of the building alive.

But the task will not be easy, since there are no resources at hand and there is also the looming threat of Titans killing the characters. Mikasa must work at summoning the rest of the characters in order to get out of the castle. Battling the darkness, the dusty basement and the eerie sounds of an abandoned place, it seems impossible to fight off the beasts except for some few techniques and the eventual help from the rest of the characters.

Attack on Titan Game Characters

The Attack on Titan game characters also include Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Yeager and Levi. According to reports, the game will allow players to choose whether they want to become a female protagonist or a male protagonist. Female stars will be paired alongside Levi while male stars will be paired alongside Mikasa.

Attack on Titan game release date will be on March 30, 2017 as an exclusive game for the 3DS platform. The Standard Edition of the Attack on Titan game is priced at 5,800 Yen while the Treasure Box Edition will arrive in the market at 12,800 Yen. The Treasure Box edition also include posters, 6 badges and visual artbook of the game.

You can also check the latest Attack on Titan game trailer here and see the starting concept of the game before buying it. For more news and update about the Attack on Titan game release date, news and updates, make sure to read us here on TheBitBag. Also, you can check us to know more about the upcoming Attack on Titan Season 2 anime series.

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