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Attack on Titan Game to Include Co-op Mode Soon

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The new and improved Attack on Titan game has included a very interesting mode– the co-op mode, according to publisher Koei Tecmo. The multiplayer system of ?Attack on Titan? allows up to four players to play simultaneously, wherein the multiplayer will start with the Scout Mode. The Scout Mode allows the player to recruit three more players to join him and from there, they will have to create their own resources starting from scratch; this includes upgrading of gears, apparels and other resources.

Among the group, the leader will determine the type of battle they will face. And since the Attack on Titan game is also based on the manga version of the series, the missions they may have to attempt include ?The Ruined Town,? ?Forest of Giant Trees? and the ?Stohess District.? Now, it is also said that the ?Stohess District? despite being inhabited by a female Titan, claims to be the most dangerous among the three missions. Based on the manga series, it is the female Titan who made the most destruction among the other Titans.

Not only is the Attack on Titan game including the co-op mode, but it also has upgraded gears for players to choose from. These gears are mainly upgraded in order to kill Titans in a much effective and easier way. The player?s option when it comes to choosing gears include omni-directional mobility gear, scabbard and blades. Players can upgrade these gears directly from a killed Titan and they can all be collected for single or multiplayer killing of Titans. By killing a Titan, players can start picking up gears scattered around the corpse. The upgrade is necessary, it is something that players should consider as an important mission in order to effectively take down the Titans.

Attack on Titan will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on August 30 with PS3 and PS Vita getting it on digital form. The PC platform, on the other hand, will get it from Steam.

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