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Attack on Titan: Toonami’s New Schedule and More Theme Park Concepts

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Attack on Titan, a hugely popular anime based on its survival concept, is having a blast of a year.

Toonami, however, decided to spoil the fun of audiences who want to see Attack on Titan. As per Anime News Network, Attack on Titan had been cut from the programming and the block reduced from 12:00AM to 3:30AM for 3.5-hours? worth of anime. I?m at a loss why it was cut off, but?concerning budgeting and the airing of the show?there seems to be a reason to why Toonami decided to cut Attack on Titan off.

However, things appear to be as rosy as ever in Japan. The Attack on Titan theme park, which had been announced last year as a part of the attractions at Universal Studios Japan, has finally opened, as per Game N Guide. No doubt, fans of Shingeki no Kyojin?Attack on Titan?will want in on the action. It looks to be pretty impressive, what with the 15-metre tall to-scale figures of a Titan Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhart welcoming you to the attraction.

Toonami Woes

This Anime News Network item is bad news to the followers of the anime Attack on Titan.

While it?s certainly being followed by people in the underground scene, the Anime News Network reports that the anime is being cancelled by Toonami, to be replaced by other more commercially-viable stock. While there?s a slight chance Attack on Titan may return to the block, there?s no assurance of that happening. It?s certainly a blow to Attack on Titan?s presence in the US, especially now that there?s a community of followers (?) who may be following the anime faithfully.

Before anyone frets, the reason might be that the season is coming to a close. However, due to it being underground, perhaps, it might be because the community prefers the Japanese variants; the dubbed versions may not be doing well enough to merit being shown at the said time-block.

Attack on Titan Universal Finally Opens

While things appear to be looking grim in the US, it?s a whole other thing in Japan.

Japan, as the source of all things anime, is fittingly given first access to the Universal Studios Japan attraction of Attack on Titan. It?s finally open, as per Game N Guide, and it boasts of two towering figures?that of the 15-metre Titan forms of Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhart locked in a fight to the finish. The studio sculptures were made by Dead Panic Studios of San Antonio, TX. The attraction?s main draws are the Titan sculptures permeating the landscape.

While it?s a huge draw, fans from all over the world will have to go to Japan to see an honest to goodness Titan in real time. Wouldn?t it be wonderful to have these sculptures over locally? But, unless Attack on Titan gains a fanbase similar to that of Naruto, there seems to be no way of that happening.

Attack on Titan?s Bleak Future

As always, it hinges on whether Attack on Titan?s author would continue with the giants vs. humans series. It?s happened before?in the cases of Hajime no Ippo and Hunter x Hunter, whose authors succumbed to illnesses?so let?s hope that with Attack on Titan, such is not the case. We may yet see an Attack on Titan theme park in the US.


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