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Attack on Titan Season 2: What Will Happen, will Happen?

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Attack on Titan?the anime?has been on hiatus for a long time. It?s enough to drive a fan-boy crazy; it?s also enough to call a coup and request that the anime be restarted once again. However, let me digress?it?s because there?s no new content yet or there?s not enough content that the anime can?t run just yet. As I am typing, I?ve checked the manga as well?it?s on hiatus, although there had been updates.

So far, here?s the only news about Attack on Titan.

Aside from titles on other media like PS3 and 3DS, Attack on Titan is planning to go back to airing in 2016, as per Comic Book Movie. That might?ve been because it took the animators a pretty long time making all the animations. Another thing, however, that?s keeping the front is the attraction at Universal Studios in Japan. Is it enough to keep the people?s interest up? What?s taken the series too long to come up with anything?

Attack on Titan in 2016

Attack on Titan is said to be arriving in 2016.

During the press conference at the live-action Attack on Titan movie, it was hinted that the second season of the anime was going to arrive in 2016, as per Comic Book Movie. I see this as only appropriate given that the content of Attack on Titan is still arriving, and as of this writing, content has still to be added after the latest issue of the manga. It might be a long time before we see Eren, Mikasa, and Armin zipping through the streets of the Trost District again, but at least, we?ve got something.

Another thing to look out for is Attack on Titan?s second animated film, Attack on Titan Part II: Wings of Freedom, coming in June this year. That should give people more tools to entertain themselves as the second season of Attack on Titan begins to shape up.

Discussions about the Story so Far

Reading the manga, I?ve began to see some plots forming within the story of Attack on Titan.

The latest I?ve read deals with the general background of the story?how Eren found the power entrusted to him, why there are people who can turn into Titans and back, and the true Royal Family of the Walled City. However, it?s all turning into a political and power struggle to get the power of the Titan which Eren?s Titan form possesses. What will happen? Will more humans be revealed to be hiding secrets? Also, is it possible that the Titans themselves are humans who can?t find the way to turn back?which is why they?re eating humans, in an effort to turn back?

Well, only the author knows the intricacies of where the story will go. Regardless, read the manga if you want?it?s a lot better than waiting for the anime. Although, of course, seeing the Survey Corps in the anime is a cool experience.

Will Attack on Titan Cease?

The only problem for Attack on Titan will be if its mangaka decides to pack up shop, which happens quite frequently in Japanese manga. Have you heard of Kingdom of Zombie? Exactly. However, as with all things, the support of the public is all Attack on Titan needs, and as it appears, it?s not lacking in that department.


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