Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Sketchy This Year; Movie to be Released in 2015

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It?s fascinating how a cult following of ?Attack on Titan? turned into a full-blown phenomenon. It?s being talked about everywhere there?s netizens; you can talk about it on social media, and you can also download copies of it from the internet, so it?s basically not just an underground thing or an indie thing for people wanting to look cool.

So the frustration and ranting we find on the internet is just normal news. Since the first season of the show has ended, the response of viewers seems positive enough to warrant a second season. Indeed, a second season was in the works, but so far, no news for its release has been real enough to be celebrated. The earlier reported July 26 release of Attack on Titan Season 2 hasn?t been confirmed as of yet, per Wit Studios.

Another complication might be because the anime is still ongoing, and so far, there just isn?t enough material for a season 2 to come to fruition. Most of it is still in the works, as is expected of a series which is following a publication. There are, however, other solutions, as Wit Studios has said; they plan to release a limited edition (usually ?fillers?) which would tell a different story than that of the mainstream series while waiting for more material to come out.

Attack on Titan is a series in which humanity is facing extinction from the relentless attacks of giant humanoids called ?Titans?. These titans are a problem, considering that their food group consists of mainly one species: human. Compounding the human?s problems are the titans? physiology: they do not need rest, nor do they sleep or starve out. They are completely fueled by the sun and it seems they only eat humans for sport.

image courtesy of alphacoders.com

image courtesy of alphacoders.com

So far, the same report has persisted in a number of other websites. However, some good news has since come out on the web. There reportedly is a movie that is set to come out in the summer of 2015. It is a live action adaptation of the series. If you?re an avid follower of the series, you know that seeing the protagonists using their weapons in live action is a must-see.

This said movie will be directed by Shinji Higuchi with backing from the Japanese film production company Toho. Funimation, a company that regularly produces anime, will be the distributor for the action flick in the US.

The series is so popular, some characters have stand-alone fanbases, the same with other popular anime such as Samurai X, Naruto, and Bleach. One of the series? characters, Levi Ackerman, was featured on a popular women?s magazine in Japan, despite being an animated character. It featured him sitting on a fancy reclining chair with a manga in his hands and black loafers on his feet.

Who know who we?ll be seeing next? Or is it possible that one day, we see the characters of Attack on Titan on the covers of Time magazine? For sure, fans of the series will be waiting night and day for the first anime of Season 2 to finally air.

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