Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Set for Spring 2017; Delay Due to Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

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Attack on Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan Season 2?is returning, but not earlier like what most fans wanted it to be. This year, when it was announced that the anime series was going to happen, the question on its release date shot up. However, as the director and producer of the series agreed on a four story arc, the series remained unfinished.

According to news online, a few details caused the delay of the series. First off, the director of Attack on Titan Season 2 was working on Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress at the time. Because the latter was in the midst of its development, the four story arc requirement seemed a good alibi to work on the series at a later date.

Now, as Attack on Titan Season 2 progresses, it looks like the required four story arc is finally finished. As the anime series premiere nears, several spoilers were also leaked online. Currently, spoilers reveal the emergence of a new breed of Titans. On top of that, the Reiss family, the King?s nemesis, turns out to be Titan Shifters.

Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers

As Hange and his troops try their best to stop the Titans from invading the city, Eren, Ymir and Mikasa, along with their friends, will sign up with the Survey Corp. Krista, a member and heir of the Reiss family, joins the military too.

Now, it?s known that her father, Rod Reiss, is a Titan Shifter. Will Krista prove to be the same? As Attack on Titan Season 2 reinforces its storyline, it looks like Eren?s careless nature will destroy the whole team?s carefully built reinforcement. Eren is a warrior, but he does things that can sometimes harm his teammates.


Meanwhile, Attack on Titan Season 2 will feature two new breeds of Titans, mainly the Ape-like Titans and the Beast Titan. The Beast Titans are known as quiet and intelligent Titans. Their patience stretches to a point where their attackers are bound to lose control.

Attack on Titan Season 2 is expected to release on the spring of 2017. For more news and update about the anime series, make sure to visit us here on TheBitBag.
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