Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers: Reiss Family to Transform, Krista?s Identity to be Revealed

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Attack On Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan Season 2 is set to be released next Spring. Early reports suggest that the upcoming season is set to focus on the Reiss family. We could also expect to see a possible revolt against the corrupt King in which the power of the Reiss family will be tested.

According to spoilers, the true identity of Krista will be revealed. Aside from being a top soldier of the 103th Training Corps, she is also an heir of the Reiss family. If there is one that thing that will surely excite fans, it is to see this family transform into Titans. We will find out if Krista also has this ability.

Krista?s much awaited transformation is set to be seen on later episodes of Attack on Titan Season 2. Right now, we are still confirming if she will actually agree with the plans of the Reiss family. By any chance she does, she will become a queen this coming second of AoT. She may also get herself into a different path, which is to stay with the Survey Corps. Their aim is to kill the Titans.

Moreover, we could also expect to see more deaths in the next season. Eren Jaeger, one of the lead characters for AoT is the root of the death among several members of the Survey Cops. Fans are not so happy with how reckless he is.

The biggest thing we could all watch out for is the arrival of a new titan. It was stated that he is going to be an extraordinary titan. We are not sure though if he is going to be an ally.

So there will be more Titans, more Titan fights and death of the lead characters.

A battle between Rogue Titan and Armored Titan was also confirmed. We can expect one of the groups to fall down for good.

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