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Attack on Titan: Maple Story and Universal Attractions a Push for Western Exposure?

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Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is another anime that?s currently taking the world by storm.

The tale of a humanity pushed to the brink ny?gigantic humanoids called Titans eating them to extinction is big. However, if one were to follow the manga (which is updated weekly or so) rather than the anime?which has yet to see a second season to be done?they would see that there is more than meets the eye, and humanity may be faced with a threat on two fronts. Perhaps the thought of the Apocalypse and the struggles humanity is facing against each other despite of the threats are big draws.

However, the focus of the attention nowadays is the merchandise which the series has spawned. Japan, land of all good things anime has once again been blessed with a gift. As if they haven?t received enough already, this Stuff article brings us to a virtual peek at Universal Studios Japan. It?s one of the places where you can see an honest-to-goodness 15 feet sculpture of a Titan. Also, the games will be receiving a timely update in the guise of an Attack on Titan collaboration with another game, as per Comic Book Resources.

Attack on Titan x Maple Story

What better way to promote Attack on Titan than to place it in a game that features chibi (cute) characters?

The game in question is Maple Story, a game done by Nexon which has managed to branch out to the US and other countries. There are gamers which play the game on a daily basis, a cult following almost. But would this move be able to convert some Shingeki no Kyojin fans to gamers? The game developers might think so, as they tease the potential gameplay, as per Comic Book Resources, aimed at players 30 levels and up.

Fan service or not, the move could be beneficial to both genres?some Maple Story players may be encountering Shingeki no Kyojin and its Titans for the first time. The same could be said for some players of Maple Story, most of which could also be manga readers.

The Universal Studios Pitch

Universal Studios Japan continues on the march to bringing quality content to the Japanese people with their attractions featuring Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Evangelion and Attack on Titan, according to Stuff.

Those are recognizably different media?Resident Evil and Monster Hunter both became famous for the games of the same name. Evangelion and Attack on Titan, meanwhile, are famed for their popularity as anime shows. However, they are all put into one place by Universal Studios, in a bid to collect new visitors coming from the respective genres these games belong to.

Will there be a surge of interest that Universal Studios will probably bring this content over to the US? Better yet, why is it that we?re only seeing this content in Japan? The US might have a minor following of these anime, but it would be worth bringing at least one of these attractions over for the silent majority?the underground or, perhaps, cult following that these have.

Attack on All Fronts

This brings at least a total of two fronts where Attack on Titan is currently concentrating.

It?s a nice thing, and certainly fans of the show will be booking a trip to Japan sometime soon, or should be looking for a new game to play, in the case of Maple Story. Fans will certainly want to have something to do while waiting for the next season of the show, which could be on its way.


Photo Credit: Shingeki no Kyojin wiki

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