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Attack on Titan Live Action Speculation – Are They Going to Stick with the Original Anime/Manga Story?

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Image source BagoGames Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 (CC BY 2.0)

Speculation based on previous reports and the most recent released trailer for the Attack on Titan Live Action

Are you excited for the upcoming Attack on Titan Live Action movie? Many fans are actually eager to watch the live adaptation of the famous anime/manga that was created by Hajime Isayama.

On this article, we will try to connect the dots whether they are going full cannon on this movie or not.

Attack on Titan Live Action storyline, cannon or not?

When making a live action adaptation of a famous anime/manga, the people behind the production should at least stick to the roots of the story of the original?because let?s face it, we don?t want another Dragon Ball Evolution on our hand.

Now for the Attack on Titan Live Action, many fans are actually excited for the movie?including me?however, there is this one question that is really bothering me ever since I saw the trailer and it is ?are they really going to use the original plotline from the anime or are they going to make a whole new story just for the movie??. The latter, as proven many times before?Dragon Ball Evolution and Avatar: The Last Airbender, not the big blue smurfs?is not really the best idea.

Let?s try to connect the facts here based on the reports and the scenes we?ve seen in the trailer.

  • We?ll start first with the characters. In the comment section of the article from Kotaku, it was revealed there that the movie is going to have some new characters added in the roster. Clearly, if they are going to go full cannon on this one, they will use the original names of the characters. But apparently, that is not the case for the upcoming movie. Let?s take Shikishima for example. As stated on a post from iFunny, he will be the strongest man in the series?a possible replacement for Levi or perhaps the anime counterpart. Not a good start if you ask me. Once they change or ?tweak? the characters, chances are, they have already made some ?minor? adjustments for the storyline because these new characters won?t fit in the original storyline?unless they did the counterpart thing.
  • Now let?s head to the trailer. There was this one scene that is really weird. It is the scene where Eren?or some other male character in the movie, you can?t actually see his face so it?s hard to point out who he is?is screaming. You can see there that he is inside an old, looks like abandoned apartment complex. Now in the anime, there are a few old-fashioned establishments there that are made of bricks and woods however, on that particular scene from the Attack on Titan Live Action trailer (at around 14 seconds mark); the place looks more modern than the houses in the anime, as you can see on this photo from Genkinahito?s blog post. Another bad sign.
(Photo source and credits to genkinahito blog)

(Photo source and credits to genkinahito blog)

  • However, there?s still one good thing I have noticed in the Attack on Titan Live Action trailer and it is the Colossal Titan smashing what seems to be a huge wall or establishment?possibly Wall Maria? In the anime, the Colossal Titan first appeared in Episode 1 of Shingeki no Kyojin anime, as you can see on this video posted on YouTube last year. So if that scene on the trailer turns out to be Wall Maria then at least it still has a connection in the anime and the movie might still have a chance in satisfying the fans.

Personally, the odds of it being a standalone film are pretty high because of the new characters that will appear in the movie.

What about you? Do you think Attack on Titan Live Action will stick to its root when it comes to the storyline? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image source BagoGames Flickr

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 (CC BY 2.0)

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