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Attack on Titan: How to Build Up More Interest

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If one were a follower of Attack on Titan in the manga, he or she would not have the same problems the anime followers have.

Attack on Titan should have no problems about following an example. Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, and Dragonball Z have all set precedents for how anime or manga should go and make themselves visible. These anime are more or less pathfinders?the pioneers. Even before them, there have been anime like perhaps the mecha genre?Gundam, Voltes V, and the like?and even Magic Knight Ray Earth or Slam Dunk which made themselves known.

We take a partial look at this Nippon article on how anime could potentially market itself. It?s not the anime?s fault if episodes don?t come as soon as the audience expects them to?that should?ve been the job of the mangaka and the manga. In the case of Attack on Titan, the season 2 of the series have been delayed for as far as everyone?s concerned?how should they go about getting more episodes available to people?

Cater to a Specific Genre

One way to keep interest in an anime is to target a specific group of people.

In the case of Slam Dunk, the mangaka made an anime which appealed specifically to people who love basketball. That seems to be the same formula with Kuroko no Basuke, up to some basketball references to popular teams in the NBA. Yosen High (Kuroko no Basuke) seems to have patterned its uniform after the Pacers, while Shohoku (Slam Dunk) is patterned after the Chicago Bulls.

In the case of Attack on Titan, theirs seems to follow the formula of a sort of apocalypse. Instead of zombies, however, they battle with giants who eat humans just the same. That it is unique in nature is a good way to capture an audience; all that?s left to be done is to supply the audiences with timely chapters so that their interest won?t wane.

Censorship Problems

One factor that could hinder the progress of Attack on Titan is censorship.

No problem in Japan, however, as the anime/manga seems to be enjoying a lot of attention over there. However, countries with extremely tight censorships?such as some European countries, or perhaps, Middle Eastern ones?should have some problems with this. However, this could also be a driving force for the support for the anime. Attack on Titan features gruesome deaths and some people have issues with this; some don?t, and most of the time, they are intrigued with the prospect of survival.

If Attack on Titan plays its cards right, timely release of an OVA or a live-action film could greatly boost exposure of the comic. It could also help the series soar to even further heights.

Sky?s the Limit

It?s not the manga side that?s the problem, but the anime side. However, that there are chapters in the manga that are still coming is a sure sign that Season 2 of Attack on Titan is just around the corner. The key is to release them just in time when interest in the anime is still fresh. Attack on Titan should take a page from the recently-concluded anime Naruto?a manga which managed to survive through the years.


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