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Attack on Titan: Going Back to the First Video plus a peek at the Box Art

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Attack on Titan is one pretty hot property that?s just getting a bit more interesting.

So far, Attack on Titan has piqued the interest of people ahead of the release of their latest season. It?s gained enough interest to be featured in a full-length, live-action movie. If you thought that the 3D maneuver gear were awesome in the manga and even more superb in the anime, wait until you see the Survey Corps strut their stuff in the live-action movie. Hopefully, it doesn?t fall short of expectations, as performing stunts in the 3D maneuver gear could prove difficult for the players.

We take a look at what this Game N Guide article brings to us about the anime, by way of videos which came out on the very same site. It?s enough to make a grown Otaku cry and plan a trip to Japan just to take part in the attraction, which has since then sprung up on the ground of the local Universal Studios theme park. Also, we take a look at the box art?featured on Comic Book?which is coming out for the Attack on Titan DVD and Blu-Ray collection.

Attack on Titan Live

If you?ve seen Attack on Titan as an anime, then you?ve probably wished to see it in a live form.

Those who?ve been wishing for that got their wish fulfilled, as per Game N Guide, when the live action film was announced as coming ahead of the series? long-awaited third season. In an effort to produce more hype, however, the series has since made an effort to make Attack on Titan cloneoids, as per Game N Guide. These are part of the Female Titan Capture Operation tour found in Universal Studios Japan.

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This makes the wait for the live-action film very agonizing. Seeing the Survey Corps zipping through a city that?s as real as it can get may be pretty exciting. Hopefully, the story will be as well written as possible.

A Good Box Art for the Collectors

This should also be a good thing for people who are anxiously awaiting Attack on Titan.

The next best thing to seeing the season 3 of Attack on Titan is owning the first 13 compiled episodes of the anime/manga. It comes to us by way of this Comic Book report, which shows the box art for the said chapters. The compilation is labeled Attack on Titan: Guren no Yumiya, and it is coming with an impressive collection of raw film, and original soundtrack and other collectibles to complete your personal stash.

With this, the wait for the next iteration of Attack on Titan might be a bit easier. This Attack on Titan collection hits the shelves this 18th of March.

Attack on Titan?s appeal

Attack on Titan has definitely arrived, although it is moving in a slow pace. However, there?s no danger of the series being cancelled, like other promising series that have since seen the axe. With support coming from a rabid following, Attack on Titan appears headed for a long stay.


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