Attack On Titan Game to Give a True Titan-Killing Experience

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Attack on Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan remains to be a mega-franchise for several years now. And now Omega Force, TecmoKOEI’s flagship development team, took it as a challenge to be able to deliver an Attack on Titan game that will provide a true Titan-killing experience.

The Attack On Titan game is also known as A.O.T.: Wings of Freedom in Europe. It is a role-playing game which was inspired by the popular anime, Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack On Titan in English.

This exciting new game is said to be available for both PS4 and Playstation Vita, among many others. It looks very promising with its ability to push the players back into the world of the series. It presents an excellently rendered real-time rendition of all the characters. ?Fans will surely be delighted to see the well-loved characters as the main campaign mode follows the arc of the anime.

The cast of fighters have to deal with a face off against the Titans who bring threats to homes. Players can also opt to enjoy an additional mode in which they can freely play as any of the main cast in missions. It is definitely the best way to experience how it feels like to kill the Titans.

Another thing that makes the game really exciting is the chance to be able to ride around on horses. Doing so will allow the players to save on gas, which is very essential in the game. Players can also enjoy customizing the gear of the characters. Weapons can also be upgraded.

When Attack On Titan was released as an anime, it obtained several positive reviews and a huge fan base. ?In fact, season two of Attack On Titan has been revealed to premier in 2017. So for diehard fans who want to experience for themselves the thrill of experiencing battles with the Titans, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is the perfect game for you.

Fans can obtain their dose of Attack On Titan from the forthcoming Attack On Titan game. It will be available this week on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the Attack On Titan game on PC and on Steam.

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