Atom the Beginning Opening Theme Performed By After The Rain

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Atom The Beginning Anime
Atom The Beginning Anime

Atom The Beginning‘s opening theme song will be performed by After The Rain. This was confirmed by the show’s official website and is entitled Kaidoku Funo. It will be shipped in Japan on April 12. The pair announced that they will be singing the opening theme song Anticlockwise for the TV anime Clockwork Planet as well. The song will be shipped the same time Kaidoku Funo is.

When Kuro Crest Story was released in 2016, it landed on the number two spot of the weekly music chart Oricon. They also did the opening theme song for Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage entitled First End last year per Anime News Network.

Mafumafu and Soraru makes up the amazing duo. Soraru is charge of the vocals, mastering and mix. Mafumafu on the other hand also does vocals plus composes the melody and lyrics as well as arranging the songs. In 2014 they debuted with their album After Rain Quest.

Atom The Beginning

In November, the website started streaming the series’ first promo video. At this time, the confirmation of the staff was made for spring 2017. It also had a narration saying that this was an untold episode, which led up to the creation of Astro Boy.

The story takes place in Japan after a grave calamity took place. Two brilliant guys, Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Umataro Tenma, dream of the future. They worked hard day in and day out conducting robot research. Tenma wanted to create a god while Ochonomizu wanted to create a friend. This collaboration resulted in A106 robot. However, whether the robot will turn out to be a friend or god is yet to be known.

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In December 2014 Atom The Beginning was released in Monthly Hero magazine. This was the prequel to the Astro Boy manga. Tezuka was credited for the editorial supervision. Tezuka Productions was also part of the collaboration. Masami Yuuki did the concept works for the series. Shogakukan shipped Volume 3 manga on June 3 and Volume 4 on December 5.

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