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Atari Making a Comeback With The New Ataribox, But What Is It Really?

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Atari is making a comeback with the Ataribox

Back in the 70s, video games is nothing but a fledgeling market. It was still very new and, at the time, pretty expensive. However, when one talks of gaming in the past, one more often thinks of Atari and its library of 8-bit games.

Although Atari has been a de facto standard of gaming back in its heyday, it has lost much of its splendor in recent years. In fact, the company almost filed for bankruptcy years ago as it cannot compete with the growing market of gaming consoles.

For decades, Atari has remained in the background, making mobile apps and games and licensing its older, legacy games to other companies. This has pretty much save the company which is was once on the brink of extinction. Fast forward to today, the company’s CEO has announced that Atari is once again back in business. That is, making consoles and quite possibly games for the mass market.

Last June 13 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2017), Atari CEO Fred Chesnais gave an interview to Venturebeat regarding its upcoming project. In the interview, Chesnais confirmed that his company is currently working on a new gaming console. He also said that this project has been “years in the making” and that it will be unveiled really soon.

Unfortunately, apart from those pronouncements, Chesnais did not elaborate more on the device. However, it would seem that Atari has made a simple website that shows a glimpse of what the machine would look like.

From the video, it would seem that the console in question is highly sophisticated. The shinny metal, paired with woodgrain panels and the Atari sigil looked fantastic. Nevertheless, the one thing that will bother one the most is the fact that very little information was given about the console.

At the moment, it is still a mystery of this new console is a reimagining of the older Atari gaming consoles. Furthermore, nobody knows what sort of games it will support. For more updates on Atari and the Ataribox, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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