Atari Classics Come To XBLA In 1080p

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I already knew about Asteroids, but Warlords, Tempest and Battlezone in HD is a gift from the gods!? Here’s the full release:


NEW YORK, November 28, 2007 ? Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR), one of the world?s most recognized brands and a third-party video game publisher, today announced that Asteroids? and Asteroids Deluxe? is now available on Xbox LIVE? Arcade, with three more beloved Atari Classics coming soon. With Asteroids? and Asteroids Deluxe?, Battlezone?, Tempest? and Warlords?, Atari will deliver the same gaming sights, sounds and action as the original, as well as a new evolved version of games featuring enhanced graphics, sounds and special effects.

?Atari and Stainless are thrilled to bring the Atari Classic and Evolved games to Xbox LIVE Arcade,? said Robert Lindsley, Executive Producer, Atari, Inc. ?Players can now get the best of both worlds; nostalgic fun with the original Classics and new gaming experiences with the Evolved versions featuring contemporary graphics and music, all while unlocking Achievements and boosting their Gamerscores.?

Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe offers gamers the chance to rotate, thrust, flip, fire and launch into hyperspace as oncoming asteroids are blasted to smithereens just like in the 1979 original. The evolved version features the same frenetic gameplay with updated, beautifully rendered, high definition graphics.

Following through this holiday season will be Tempest, Battlezone, and Warlords. Maintaining the spirit of the original?s linear geometric rendering by using vector graphics, the evolved version of the cult-classic Tempest features a graphics overhaul. Using skill and an arsenal of weapons, gamers must clear a web of enemies before time runs out and advance to the next stage.

The classic Battlezone has received a serious overhaul and added exciting new multiplayer modes. Players can use the Xbox Live Camera to watch live video of their opponents. Combine these features with new special effects for weapon firing, impacts and explosions and Battlezone becomes one killer classic.

The multiplayer Warlords pits king versus king to resurrect the competitive spirit of arcade games from years gone by. Up to four players can join the action with Xbox Live Camera support and take control of their own castle, allowing for a variety of single- or multiplayer experiences.

Gamers can recall their old-school arcade skills in Emulation mode and experience these treasured games in all their historical glory. Mature trigger fingers can play the evolved versions of the same titles and experience the same core gameplay. Gamers of all levels can test their gaming prowess out with three different settings ? Easy, Medium and Hard. For those who need a refresher on Classic Atari games, time-limited trial modes are available for all titles. These Atari Classics on Xbox LIVE Arcade support all Xbox 360 high definition resolutions up to 1080p as well as full-screen anti-aliasing and digital surround sound. Players can make the most of the Xbox LIVE service with leader boards and 12 achievements.






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