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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 No ?Download Booster? Feature Exposed; T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Includes ?Download Booster?

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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 model was found missing a special feature called Download Booster that uses Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneous Internet connection. But T-Mobile confirms Download Booster for their model.

Samsung Galaxy S5 AT&T Model

Android Police examined the Samsung Galaxy S5 AT&T variant from its first shipment that arrived in the United States. Strangely, the smartphone does not feature the ?Download Booster? which was noted on the official Web site of Samsung Galaxy S5.

For new users of Galaxy S5, Download Booster allows the device to utilise both Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity during downloads of any file with size larger than 30 MB. According to their report, Download Booster was not only missing in the demo version of Galaxy S5 but also in the retailer version which means users won?t be able to get the special feature from AT&T.

Download Booster was not found inside the network settings, notifications shade or any part of the Settings menu for access, unlike with original model of Galaxy S5.

Network carriers may disable any feature found on every smartphone produced by manufacturers and reserves the right which functions are only possible according to their policy.

Accelerated Network

Download Booster is a part of Galaxy S5?s accelerated Internet connection speed. Download Booster feature allows simultaneous use of Wi-Fi and LTE network at the same time which download large files in a hurry. If used, Download Booster will increase Internet download experience from 80 to 90 per cent depending on network configuration and environment.

However, Download Booster is affected by the default speed of your Internet connection and location service of 4G/LTE as the feature may not support 3G or HSDPA speed.

MIMO or Multi Input Multi Output is the second feature of the accelerated network on Samsung Galaxy S5. It allows the user to get optimal Internet speed via Wi-Fi connectivity. Unlike Download Booster, MIMO uses two Wi-Fi antennas which double the connection speed and accelerate Internet surfing experience like you never experienced before.

Galaxy S5 T-Mobile

It seems AT&T may have a problem with Samsung?s implementation of Download Booster on Galaxy S5 but not for T-Mobile which officially confirmed the feature present based on their Web site. Sprint and Verizon are still quiet regarding Download Booster feature on their Galaxy S5 models.

Photo Source: Samsung and T-Mobile

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