Asus Zenbo Robot Details and Update: Zenbo gets Emergency Call Feature

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Asus Zenbo Robot

Asus Zenbo Robot succeeded in melting the hearts of many as Chairman Jonney Shih introduced the cutest home robot anyone has ever seen. No exaggeration.

The even better news is that Chairman Shih gave high hopes to Asus Zenbo Robot?s followers as he dropped a hint about a possible retail launch before 2016 ends.

Taiwan gets the first taste of Asus Zenbo Robot

And just to assure everybody they?re getting Zenbo soon, Asus recently announced that Zenbo will be out in the market on New Year?s Day? in Taiwan. (Everybody get your tickets!)

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The Intel-powered robot will be out in the market on January 1st, but only in Taiwan. Asus also stated that they will only be releasing limited quantity for the first batch of the Asus Zenbo Robot.

Asus Zenbo Robot

But there?s more to Zenbo than just a cute robot on the outside. According to Engadget, Asus collaborated with Taiwan?s National Police Agency, so that owners can take emergency video calls with the police using Zenbo.

Though there hasn?t been any exact details about this feature, there are speculations that users can input special voice commands or gestures to activate the emergency feature. Either way, the feature would definitely be useful especially in businesses.

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Besides the ultimately helpful feature that may come out any time soon (or probably with its retail launch) Zenbo?s feature list also includes local services such as online shopping, music streaming, banking, house cleaning, taxi or van booking, gaming, and many more.

Zenbo also has a Blockly-based programming suite that lets children as young as 5 years old automate the robot.

It?s also safe to assume that future owners will be getting more than just assistance from Zenbo. Just recently, a Zenbo choir gave everybody a taste of Christmas by singing Mariah Carey?s ?All I want for Christmas.?

Asus Zenbo Robot Price

The price of Asus Zenbo Robot starts at NT$19,900 or around US$620, which is really close to the first planned price which is $599 for the 32GB standard package.

On the other hand, the 128GB model will start at NT$24,900 or around US$780. Besides bgger storage, the 128GB model also has a self-charging dock.

Pretty sure buyers won?t really mind the price, given the assistance that the Asus Zenbo Robot can offer its users.

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