ASUS Unveils Their Amazing ASUS Transformer Book V

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Yesterday, ASUS finally unveiled the latest iteration to their Transformer series of Tablets/Notebooks. ASUS Transformer Book V is the world?s first hybrid notebook/tablet that has ?five modes which combine three devices into one. It serves as a Windows Laptop, Tablet and it also has an Android operating system. This little thing can serve as a laptop, tablet and a smartphone. If this doesn?t amaze you, nobody knows what will.

ASUS Transformer Book V can easily be one of the most flexible gadgets around which can excel in any mode at any given situation with its sheer power. It simply has everything you?ll be needing from any setup from a tablet, smartphone and a laptop. It has a detachable 12.5-inch 720p screen, which can serve as a tablet when the qwerty keypad is not in use and a 5-inch smartphone docked on the tablet itself, which has the ability to run independently, or within the tablet.

As a laptop, ASUS Transformer Book V has a full qwerty keyboard and a standard touchpad, which is pretty normal with most modern laptops these days. It runs on both Windows 8.1 and Android KitKat 4.4. The laptop is powered by a next-generation Intel-Core processor, which provides amazing performance on both Windows and Android functionality. It can have to as much as 1 TB of storage, so you really never run out of space to store all your media files, documents, videos, pictures and whatnots.

On the phone and the tablet side of the ASUS Transformer Book V, it is also runs on both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4. It has a built-in storage of 128 GB and this means virtually, unlimited apps, music, videos and images can be downloaded. It gives you the freedom to easily switch back and forth the Android and Windows mode with a simple tap on the screen. The docked smartphone is also the first 5-inch LTE smartphone powered by Intel Atom quad-core processor. This makes the smartphone extremely efficient and powerful than most handsets in the market.
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ASUS Transformer Book V comes with a 2500 mah battery that provides with, roughly, 10 hours of internet browsing.

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