Astro Boy: Edge of Time: Astro Boy is Missing! Here?s How You Can Help

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Astro Boy: Edge of Time

Astro Boy: Edge of Time is set in a strange new world where dark forces are consuming nearly all that exists. Human and robots work together in a city called The Sprawl in order to survive. Since the Goa invasion, many of the heroes sustained heavy damage. Magma now sleeps in the center of the city and the new governmental building is built around his motionless body. Astro is nowhere to be seen.

To celebrate the ?godfather of manga? and Astro Boy creator, Osamu Tezuka, Project Atom (Active Gaming Media Inc) and Tezuka Productions is bringing back Astro Boy by launching a new digital collectible card game called Astro Boy: Edge of Time.

The said game will feature Tezuka?s most popular characters in a crossover set in a city in a different dimension called The Sprawl. Expect to see Astro Boy, Phoenix, Ambassador Magma, Black Jack, Hyakkimaru join together as they battle dark forces.

Here?s the pitch:


Visuals for the game have been released and they are mind blowing. Each character is reintroduced in a modern-futuristic style, to be designed by some of the world?s finest creatives and be enjoyed by fans, both old and new. Here are samples:

Here is a remake of 1966 Ambassador Magma / The Space Giants designed by Hiroya Oku (Gantz) and Saburota by NekoshowguN (Lollipop Chainsaw)

Astro Boy: Edge of TIme

Credit: Project Atom

Astro Boy: Edge of TIme

Credit: Project Atom

To get these incredible art from talented creators, Project Atom recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund this. They have yet to release a visual for Astro Boy himself and some of the main characters listed here.

So if you want to help speed things up for Astro Boy: Edge of TIme, you can help by promoting or backing the project, by downloading the demo game and sending your feedback, as well as participate in the social achievements that will unlock information and bonuses for the full game.

Astro Boy: Edge of TIme

When posting any of these social achievements be sure to use the tag #PLAYASTROBOY

For more updates on Astro Boy: Edge of TIme, keep it here in TheBitBag.

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