Assassin?s Creed Unity: The Astonishing Parkour Video

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Come and be amazed by these 4 guys as they roam around Paris AC style

It?s been over a month now since they confirmed the game Assassin?s Creed Unity at E3 2014 and fans all over the world are excited for the release of the said game this October 2014. Assassin?s Creed Unity features a new character named Arno who is a native Frenchman born in Versailles.

I was browsing through YouTube last week and ?there was this video that somehow captured my interest. The content of it is spectacular! The 4 guys or ?assassins? are chasing these 2 French guards around Paris but it is not your average chase scene where everyone is running. Here in this video the assassins are chasing the guards while doing Parkour. If you are not familiar with that word, it is a type of military training and discipline in which you run through an obstacle course. Instead of using a real obstacle course, in parkour, the world is your playground.

The video was posted last ?July 22, 2014 by a YouTuber named devinsupertramp. ?The views of the said the video are now over 6,000,000 and was featured a couple of times these past few days.

The stunts in the video are performed by French FreeRun Family and Ronnie Shalvis. If you still haven?t seen it, check the video out IT IS AWESOME!

It is a one of a kind experience to witness the performance in person. I envy those people that are in the video as they get to see it with their own eyes. I got to hand it to them, what they did here is truly awesome and it takes a lot of courage to pull off the stunts they used on this video.

Always remember to ask your parents or guardians or physicians first before trying any dangerous feats such as this one. These guys are professionals and good at what they do, so kids don?t try this at home.

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Credits to devinsupertramp, French FreeRun Family and to Ronnie Shalvis

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