Assassin’s Creed Unity: No Naval Gameplay

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For the past two Assassin?s Creeds, the games have been focused strongly on naval gameplay, and Assassin?s Creed: Black Flag emphasized it the most.
But now, it looks like Ubisoft?s upcoming Assassin?s Creed: Unity will be making a welcome change by heading back to shore for the game?s entire duration.

In what is rather a surprising change, the naval gameplay has been put under the guillotine in Assassin?s Creed: Unity, and the game will be returning to the much-needed land-based gameplay.

One of the producers of Assassin?s Creed: Unity, Lesley Phord-Toy had a conversation with They asked Lesley whether or not there will be any naval gameplay in the new Assassin?s Creed game, and how its parkour system has developed.

?There?s no naval gameplay in?Assassin’s Creed Unity.
It goes back to the core idea of bringing?
Assassin?s Creed?to new-gen. We wanted to give players more choices. There were two systems before, climbing and free running,? ?said Lesley.

“[We decided] to combine them so it really feels like parkour. You can go up, you can go down [easily]. [The changes we made] were about making the system more modern and giving players [more freedom]. It?s an open-world so we need to treat it as one,”

While Ubisoft undeniably delivered a unique change with the last two Assassin?s Creeds, most especially the Black Flag ? the company feels it would be best to move the game back to the land entirely. This should be quite interesting to see how Assassin?s Creed fans are going to react to the switch, as this is going to be the first game that doesn?t have? a naval gameplay since Assassin?s Creed: Revelations.

Hopefully, Assassin?s Creed: Unity will bring back some incredible discovery contents we saw in previous Assassin?s Creed games, like Catacombs and Lairs of Romulus.

We are all going to find out what Ubisoft?s new Assassin?s Creed: Unity is all about when it releases on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this coming October 28.


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