Assassin’s Creed Origins Might Let You Tame Large Snakes

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The Microsoft E3 2017 livestream revealed some gameplay and story about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins. However, Ubisoft seems to show the main character, Ba Yek, facing a large snake, which could be one of the title’s main bosses. With enemies like this, how can you even attempt stealth in Assassin’s Creed Origins?

E3 2017 Trailer

As seen on the Assassin’s Creed Origins trailer, the new prequel entry is set in Egypt, just as it was revealed in the leaks. Players will take control of Ba Yek, the first Assassin who started the whole organization and aims to rid Egypt of a dark corruption. His battles seem to go beyond human politics as Ba Yek aims his bow against a large snake in the trailer.

Stealth Killing A Large Snake

The Microsoft E3 2017 show revealed a cinematic “Bayek vs Giant Snake” footage. In Egyptian mythology, Apep or Apophis is the Egyptian God of Chaos. An enemy of light and the God of Truth often shows himself in the form of a large snake. Potentially, an Apep boss fight might be expected in the title. Stealth killing this enemy is also out of the question and there’s an active combat system that could easily fit boss fights well in this title.

However, the Gameinformer leaks from GameInformed confirmed that you can tame animals in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Taming animals to battle other  beasts was detailed in the leak.

The giant snake could be less of  an Egyptian deity but just a tamed large snake kept in a dark tomb somewhere. Potentially, the fight might simply be a requirement to tame the snake for future uses. This animal taming system, and even its far prequel approach, smells a lot like Far Cry Primal. For now, we’ll have to wait for more info to know about this title.


The AC Origins reveal on the Xbox show also revealed some brief gameplay on the title. In the brief gameplay, Bayek is seen infiltrating a false oracle’s house to kill him. Brief hints of Far Cry Primal and For Honor mechanics can be seen in Bayek’s tools and combat gameplay. Bayek calls out to his pet Hawk to mark foes and find enemies, including his main target. Upon engaging with the enemies, Ba Yek brandishes his shield and scimitar to fight them in active battle ala For Honor lock-on duels. Counters, dodges, and other systems that could make a swift For Honor battle can be felt in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Players will definitely have some new systems to look forward to in this Origins entry

Most of the gameplay mechanics such as parkour, parkour-friendly architecture, and stealth kills are preserved in this title. Ba Yek seems to kill a guard through pulling him off a ledge that’s just a few feet low. Ba Yek also seems to consider situations first rather than continuously killing foes than usual. Ubisoft didn’t reveal much of the stealth gameplay other than the usual Assassin’s Creed systems. Most of the reveals were really about active gameplay, specifically on advanced scouting tools and improved combat.

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