Assassin’s Creed Movie Update: Michael Fassbender Images Tells So Much About the Movie

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The Assassin’s Creed movie?is hyping up its premiere by releasing Michael Fassbender images as the Spanish Inquisition Assassin Aguilar. Also featured ishis modern day descendant Callum Lynch. Fassbender plays the two roles alongside Jeremy Irons, Marion Cotillard, Brendan Gleeson and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Interestingly, all images of Fassbender shows how he wears the hooded attire. Somewhat the?trademark of the Assassin?s Creed game. The images were striking, and shows just how menacing his character in the Assassin’s Creed movie?can be.

Fassbender on his Role as Aguilar and Callum

Talking about the videogame turned movie, Michael Fassbender answered some few questions. His answers shed light on how his role maintained the balance of portraying Assassin?s Creed as a game and something else. He said ?We really want to respect the game and the elements to it. But we also wanted to come up with our own thing. And one thing I’ve sort of learned from doing the franchises like X-Men is that audiences. I think, want to be surprised and to see new elements of what they already know, and different takes on it.?

The?gallantly maintained original story concept of the game is what the production team offered to viewers?viewers. ?Like I said, we’re really respecting the very core elements of the game. But we wanted to bring something new to it as well, so that’s why we have these new central characters.” he added.

Fassbender also described his roles as Callum and Aguilar saying ?He doesn?t have a lineage he can feel a belonging to… he’s a bit of a lost soul. He?s always been drifting in and out of correctional facilities.? Whereas, Aguilar is ?very much somebody that belongs to the Creed. He has a cause, he?s sort of been following that cause. He belongs to it.?




The Assassin?s Creed movie will premiere in US cinemas on December 12, 2016 and in the UK on January ?1, 2017.

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