Assassin?s Creed Empire: 5 Things The Developers Should Work On

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Assassin?s Creed Syndicate did a good job in bringing a much-needed stability to the franchise after the disaster that was Unity. However, the next game in the series, rumored to be titled ?Assassin?s Creed Empire?, needs big changes to take it to the next level.

Here, we look at the five big changes/improvements the game needs to fully resurrect the much-loved series. Before we begin though, it?s important to understand what Ubisoft got right with Syndicate.

Syndicate is set in industrial London. Though not as flushed out as Unity?s Paris, it is relatively bug-free and refreshing to explore. The Industrial era is represented well in the game, from the grinding poverty to the plush Victorian landscapes, and the elements all come together perfectly in carving an authentic representation of the 18th century hustle and bustle of London. The new traversal mechanic Ubisoft introduced by adding a zipline was also appreciated by many.

All that said, Ubisoft seems to be running out of ideas when it comes to the Assassin?s Creed games. Sure enough, the developers work tirelessly to add more to the series, but there?s no denying that the games need new changes to really stand out, which are the following:

  1. New multiplayer component

Assassin?s Creed has dabbled with multiplayer before, but it has never been the revolutionary experience we all know the series is capable of. Ubisoft should take a look at GTA 5 and try to decrypt the secret behind the success of its multiplayer component.

I firmly believe that Assassin?s Creed next big change has to be a revolutionary multiplayer component. Maybe Ubisoft can sync different assassins together in one game world to carve out a shared-world adventure like Destiny and GTA Online. The developer can also throw in some exclusive loot to entice the masses along with intriguing multiplayer set pieces; before they know it, players will be flocking to the series to experience ancient worlds with their friends. With this generation?s online infrastructure, the multiplayer possibilities are endless.

  1. A unique new setting

Rumors suggest that the next Assassin?s Creed game is going to be set in Egypt. Let?s hope that such rumor is true because in the game, players have travelled across Europe, the Caribbean and America, but surprisingly, no Asian or African setting has been featured yet in a major Assassin?s Creed release.

Just imagine assassinating Pharaohs in Egypt or riding elephants in Thailand or learning kung-fu in China. The possibilities are, again, endless.

This can be the next big step for Assassin?s Creed. A game set in Egypt, China or India will change the whole experience. It will add much-needed vigor to the series as the last two locations have been centered on the same era — the industrial revolution across Europe.

  1. Remove the zipline from the game

Yes, I understand how some people love zipping along the streets of London like Batman. But traditionally, Assassin?s Creed has held its climbing mechanic in high regard. With the introduction of the zipline, the climbing mechanic has largely been ignored because it takes exactly one button press to climb nearly every building in the game now.

Bring back the satisfaction of climbing the tallest buildings in the game, Ubisoft.

  1. Extension of World War storylines

The last two Assassin?s creed games have had a hidden World War storyline blended seamlessly into the main game. Unity had players assassinating Hitler to end WWII, whereas Syndicate had us bringing down a German spy ring.

This new addition to the game needs to be explored more.

Ubisoft now has a platform to experiment on, with the direction of Assassin?s Creed games, and they should be utilizing it as much as they can. They can introduce crazy set pieces, absurd storylines, and new weapons. Most players see these additions as bonus to the main adventure, so it?s not going to hurt them much if something doesn?t work out as they intended it to.

  1. New enemies and combat mechanics

Syndicate had three main enemy types: the brute, fighter and sniper. It did make for a more varied experience than before, but Assassin?s Creed needs to introduce more unique enemies.

In Syndicate, all the guards have the same face and body structure, so maybe they can improve on that a bit. Even facial appearances will go a long way in adding a more distinct feel to the enemies.

Meanwhile, Assassin?s Creed?s much-maligned combat mechanics were certainly improved in Syndicate, but there?s still more work to be done. The game has essentially preserved the same basic concept from the beginning. Most fans get bored of the mechanics midway through the playthrough. After all, you can only do so much with basic guard, counter and kill mechanics.

Enemy AI also needs to be brushed up; it is either too easy or too difficult. It needs to be more balanced.

Assassin?s Creed Empire needs to build upon the stable foundation Syndicate has laid for the series. Recent leaks suggest that Ubisoft will skip this year and release the next big Assassin?s Creed game in 2017. As long as Ubisoft delivers a truly ?next-gen? experience, the fans won?t mind the delay.

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