Assassination Classroom Season 3 Release Date and Latest Updates: What We Know So Far

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Assassination Classroom Season 3
Assassination Classroom Season 3

Since Koro-sensei’s death in Assassination Classroom season 2, anime fans have been wondering and waiting when Assassination Classroom 3 will be released. Spinoffs are reportedly under way that may be a combination of the first two seasons. This is expected to be released after Assassination Classroom: 365 Days, which is the movie adaptation.

Admittedly, Koro-sensei’s training methods are no less than rigorous. It’s very difficult and when imposing discipline on his students, they are really pushed to their limits. However, this is not enough reason to resort to murder. Reaper and Yanagisawa joined forces to beat him. Then everyone else in the class decided it was time to kill him when he was totally worn out, per iTechPost.

Assassination Classroom season 3 finds Koro-sensei reincarnated. But he does not come back to his original form. Instead, he transforms into the demon king. This time all the major events will take place beyond the four corners of the classroom. Sword and sorcery will be used to make sure Koro-sensei‘s mission come into fruition. As of writing, the upcoming season’s release date has not been revealed.

Assassination Classroom: 365 Days

Fans definitely enjoyed the new visuals that were featured in the film. Nagisa and Karma are now adults. They’re seen sitting at their desks in school and wondering about their Koro-sensei. The plot follows the feelings of Nagisa and Karma on their own without the rest of the class 3-E.

On November 19-20 the cast appeared on stage. The November 19th event was held at Shinjuku Wald 9, and voice actors Suzaki Aya (Kayano Kaede) and Fuchigami Mai (Shiota Nagisa) appeared. Miyawaki Shion who sang the theme song was also present. November 20th had four performances at the three locations which included Shinjuku Wald 9, TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki, and Yokohama Burg.

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