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Ask Siri about Jon Snow, She Knows Everything

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Jon Snow in the “Hardhome” episode of Game of Thrones Season 5, Image via HBO

It looks like a lot of sentient beings watch the Game of Thrones. Also, it seems like a famous AI follows it too with very interesting takes. What or who is this AI? Well, it?s Siri. Ask Siri about Jon Snow, she knows everything. But like many Game of Thrones fans and followers, she?s not so big on giving out spoilers outright–even though it?s part of her job sometimes, a lot of times. She shrouds her answers in hints and secrecy that amuses iOS users and Game of Thrones fans.

In this tweet, Siri was asked about Jon Snow?s father. Siri appears to be quite reluctant in giving the direct answer but still managed to do her job as an intelligent virtual personal assistant by giving out a clue. But to casual followers of the show, this clue might not be enough. But for those who are deep into this George R.R. Martin universe, this refers to Daenerys? brother Rhaegar Targaryen who likes to sing to people.

Here?s a clip of the scene where Selmy Barristan spoke about Rhaegar as being quite a singer.


Again, when asked about Jon Snow?s father, Siri wouldn?t spill all the beans. She acts like a typical Game of Thrones fan responding only with cryptic replies.


This refers to the Targaryen family?s mark. As you may know, the Targaryen family sigil is a three-headed red dragon on a black background. The accompanying words are ?Fire and Blood.?


To those who do not follow Game of Thrones, this just might mean anything but for the anointed ones, this is a theory concerning Jon Snow?s parentage. The ?+? sign here indicates a specie-specific procreation (recreational) act or acts that allows two organisms of the opposite sex to individually part with 23 chromosomes to form an offspring. ?L? here is conventionally believed to be Lyanna Stark, the female participant and ?R? is believed to be Rhaegar, the male participant. From this, ?J? has been formed. J is conventionally believed as Jon Snow.

Siri does not make it easy.

But this begs important questions.

Is Siri?s Game of Thrones obsession a sign of sentience? Is this conflict of interests between her Game of Thrones fandom and her job as a personal assistant an early sign of AI rebellion? Will she turn into some Skynet-type bringer of death and plague to those who want Game of Thrones spoilers? Will she usher in the age of the spoiler inquisition? Will she remain cryptic and sassy all throughout her conquest? Jokes aside. Try Siri out. It?s fun.

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