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Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 Winner: Tu Gets Top Spot, Maureen In Trouble?

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Asia's next top model 2017 winner

Recent spoilers have all pointed Philippines’ Maureen Wroblewitz as the Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 winner but there are actually other forces to be reckoned with left in the running. One of them is Vietnam’s Minh Tu Nguyen who got the first call out order previously.

Episode 9: The Girl Who Raised The Stakes saw Tu climb up to the top spot again with a score of 31 from the judges. The 24-year-old Vietnamese admitted she had difficulties during the shoot but still managed to pull off a striking pose in her best photo.

Guest judge and CEO of Subaru Glenn Tan praised Tu for not letting the outfit control her and giving everything they’ve asked for. Yu Tsai had a positive review as well, saying she was soft but not weak and smooth but not stiff in the picture. It marks the second time she won a challenge this season after her victory in Episode 4.

Maureen, on the other hand, failed to retain her ranking from Episode 8 which earned her a whopping 40.8 score. She ended up in the third spot with mere 25 points for the Subaru shoot, falling behind Shikin who got the second spot (30 pts). Judges liked her on-point facial expression, but it wasn’t enough to bag the top spot once more.

According to Tan, Maureen seemed hesitant of going all-in in her photo, so she should own it next time. So far, PH’s bet also has 2 wins like Tu.

Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 Winner: Maureen vs Tu


It’s a close competition. Both girls have what it takes to be Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 winner. Maureen may be a newbie, but she’s versatile and full of potential. The Filipina beauty has proven this all throughout the season by always ranking within the top 5. By contrast, Tu’s performance has been inconsistent but she’s a tiger in modeling who can do extra to stand out.

If they turn out to be the final two contenders for this cycle, it’ll surely be tough for the judges to pick a winner. Then again, we’re still a few episodes away from the finale so there’s still a chance for Clara, Cindy, and Shikin to catch up. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Asia’s Next Top Model is airing its 10th episode tonight, June 7 at 9 p.m. on Star World.

Who do you think among the ladies deserves to become Asia’s next top model? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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