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Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 Winner: Clues On Who Might Have Won

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Asia's Next Top Model 2017 Winner

We’re still 6 episodes away from Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 finale. While we can’t confirm who will win the competition right now, clues are already piling up about the lucky lady who will likely bring the bacon this season. If those are anything to go by, the Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 winner could be another series’ first. Fair warning, there are spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

For a brief recap, Episode 7The Girl Who Fakes It Until She Makes It saw the girls paired up with their rivals for an #OOTD social media task and their first fashion film challenge with a male co-star. Dorothy and one of the twins, Valerie, were the ones sent home, leaving Maureen, Cindy, Tu, Clara, and Shikin in the running. Malaysia’s remaining bet won the challenge with a whopping 40.8 points.

Now that the show has whittled down the number of aspiring models again, the odds of the remaining ladies are at their highest so far. But granted they’re from different countries, fans are divided as to who should win the competition.

Malaysians and Indonesians are evidently confident that they’ll make it to the top once more, having done so on Cycle 2 (Sheena Liam) and 3 (Ayu Gani), respectively. On the other hand,  those who are from the countries that hasn’t won Asia’s Next Top Model yet like Vietnam and the Philippines are keeping their fingers crossed that they’ll finally win this time.

It looks like the latter might be the case this season. As previously reported, Maureen is tipped to be the Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 winner. 

Expect The Unexpected

We can recall the Philippines has long been a strong contender in the modeling competition. However, it has yet to officially gun the AsNTM title. The country made it to the third spot in the first cycle with Stephanie Retuya while Cycle 2’s Katarina Rodriguez and Jodilly Pendre ended up as runner-ups in the following season. Such is also the case with Monika Sta. Maria who fell behind winner Ayu Gani in Cycle 3.

This had many Filipinos expecting to lose again this year. But as the Cycle’s subtitle says, we could expect the unexpected. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee victory at all but it isn’t a far-fetched idea either. She already won a challenge before, so she has the potential to win the game in the end. Plus, recent spoilers which we reported turned out somehow accurate. As predicted, Dorothy and Valerie were the ones who got the boot.

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As much as we’d like Maureen to win, we still can’t be sure until the Cycle 5’s last episode airs, so it’s best to take the aforementioned with a healthy grain of skepticism. There are a couple of episodes left on the show. We’ll never know when the tables would turn.

In the meantime, let us know who your Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 winner is. Does Maureen deserve to win? Leave your comments below!

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