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Ashley Madison Hacked Website Shows Us Why We Sometimes Need Hackers

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With only halfway through the year, the United States of America (U.S.) has already encountered a total of 3 major hacking instances.

Knowing that our records on the internet can easily be accessible and stolen by others was long emblazoned in people?s minds after whistleblower Edward Snowden alarmed countries all over the world in 2013 that everyone is being spied about by the National Security Agency (NSA); with everyone?s phone calls, text messages, Google accounts, phone records, and more being easily accessible by the NSA, Mashable reported.

A major hacking incident is also no longer new as Sony PlayStation gamers are well aware that the company was troubled for months-on-end after they were hacked in 2011, downing the PlayStation Network (PSN) and panicking PSN users as their accounts may have been tapped by the hackers, Extreme Tech reported. Rewards were then given to PSN users this 2015 to make-up for the hacking incidence and offered up to $2,500 in rewards for those who suffered from identity theft.

But even if hacking is considered a federal crime, we feel that the recent incidents prove to be more beneficial ?than harmful (kind of like online vigilantes). We don?t condone stealing of information, but here?s why we think hacking incidents can sometimes work to our advantage:

Ashley Madison

?Life is short. Have an affair,? a line that adulterous Ashley Madison plasters all over its home page. Thousands of users were hooked with patronizing Ashley Madison as?the website boasted to be ?the world?s leading married dating service for discreet encounters? and ensures that all its users? records are safe.

Terror struck its adulterous users and made millions of internet users jump in delight when it was reported that Ashley Madison has been hacked by ?The Impact Team?, meaning over 40-million of its users are threatened to be exposed. Access to people?s credit card information was the least hacked user?s worries as their personal information and elicit affairs may be spread for everyone to know.

Why is this incident something that society probably needs? Let?s just say because of the hacking incident our moral high-ground was shaken, and people now have to think twice (or more) before they submit themselves to anything illicit.

ISIS Hackers

Wars are waged by guns. But the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reminded everyone that wars can also be started on the internet as the ISIS hackers planned to launch a cyber-attack on America and frighten its government and citizens by announcing that they could see everyone?s movements with their own devices.

It all started, when a group of ISIS supporters hacked the U.S. Central Command?s Twitter account, HNGN reported, and used their account to Tweet: ?Pentagon networks hacked. AMERICAN SOLDIERS WE ARE COMING. WATCH YOU BACK. ISIS #CyberCaliphate.?

Interestingly, hacker groups like Anonymous hacktivists are fighting back. Forbes reported last month that Anonymous was about to lock horns with Isis? online terror through Operation NO2ISIS. The plan was to? target three states suspected of offering support to the Islamic State of Syria and al-Sham (ISIS).? Government websites will be blasted with DDoS attacks with Anonymous planning to ?unleash the entire legion? upon its enemies.

?We plan on sending a straightforward message to Turkey, Saudi Arabia Qatar and all other countries that evidently supply ISIS for their own gain,? the source said. ?In the next few days we will begin defacing the government websites of these countries so that they understand this message clearly.?

American and United airlines Hack

Early this month, United Airlines rewarded two hackers with millions-worth of flight miles for uncovering major flaws in their website?s security. Simply put, this was definitely one way of ensuring that not just the company, but their passengers are safe from any cyber attack that can jeopardize flights and security.

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