?Ashley Madison Hack? Website Update: User Info Now Out! Josh Duggar Exposed? Personal Details and Credit Card Info Leaked!

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Member’s?information obtained from the?Ashley Madison Hack has now been made publicly available by the Impact Team with the data size amounting to 9.7GB as it contains?all users’?personal details and credit card information.

According to The Guardian a total of 33 million Ashley Madison accounts, which includes people from the government and military, have had their details publicly available on the internet. People can freely see their names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card transactions, and even their sexual preferences, the report said.

The Impact Team?has made searching for people on the Ashley Madison database easy and is accessible for anyone by just clicking the link?here, Fusion reported. Numerous other websites containing the Ashley Madison leaked database?have reportedly surfaced online and most require users to type the person?s email address to find their account.

Victims Speak-Up

Fusion has talked to 24 victims who used the website and some of them fear that the leakage will cost them a divorce.

?This will wreck my marriage? The thing about this leak is that it?s a public shaming? It would be different if she walked into a hotel and found me with someone else,? a user Alias Tom told Fusion via a phone interview.”

Another user named Larry however said he has only used the cheating website years ago and has already changed his ways, he told Fusion via email.

?I thought I was over it, but nooooooo someone had to think they were doing good by letting the info out? I don?t think these people understand what they have done.?

Josh Duggar exposed!

The legitimacy of the Ashley Madison leak?however is being doubted as the sampling of the data yielded random numbers and addresses, but those that contained credit card transactions will yield real information, Wired reported.

Among those who were supposedly ?exposed? was controversial reality star Josh Duggar. Josh Duggar, a former Family Research Council executive and star of TLC’s now-canceled 19 Kids and Counting, reportedly owned and operated a paid Ashley Madison extramarital dating account, said

A?credit card in Duggar’s name and connected to his grandmother’s address?was used to pay “a total of $986.76 for two different monthly Ashley Madison subscriptions from February of 2013 until May of 2015,” reports?Gawker.

The first account, which was opened in February 2013, listed Duggar’s birthday as?Feb. 3, 1988, while the second, opened in July 2014, listed his birthday as March 2, 1988 ? one month and one day from his real birthday of March 3, 1988, respectively.

According to Gawker,?Duggar purchased a $250 “affair guarantee” that promised him money back if he didn’t “have an affair within three months.”

People Born in?Feb 14?Fulfilled?Their Romantic But Illicit Desires

According to Washingtonpost, majority of the cheaters inputted fake birth dates on their Ashley Madison account.

They said one out of 12 were born on New Year?s Day with majority only bothering to change the year to make them fit the over 18 year-old age requirement to make an account.

Washington post wrote:

“January 1st is by far the most popular day that members said they were born, presumably because the site asked visitors to pick month, day and year, and people only bothered to change the year. Those who did change the month and day, though, often picked the same number for each: February 2, March 3, April 4. After all, it?s as easy as hitting 6-tab-6 on computers.”

Meanwhile, a total of 124,000 cheaters were creative in faking their birth date and inputted that they were born on Valentines Day, the report said.

Ashley Madison Birthdate

Birth Dates of Ashley Madison users. Photo lifted from Washington Post.

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