Ash Vs Evil Dead Episode 1 Is Epic, Offers The Perfect Combination Of Humor And Gore!

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Bruce Campbell is back to kick some Deadite ass. The nerd-culture icon reprises his role and returns in the new Starz network?s very R-rated series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. Starring as Ashley J. Williams, a ?retail employee turned reluctant one-man army against an invasion of evil otherworldy entities known as Deadites,? Campbell brings back the famous chainsaw-weilding arm to rid the world of evil dead.

The show picks up a couple of decades where the last movie ?Army of Darkness? left off, according to Screenrant, and finds Ash sleeping in a trailer and working in a hardware store, ?having pretty much totally failed to mature in any way.? But luckily for Ash, his excellent skills on killing monsters have its use after all.

Forbes had a chance to interview Creator Sam Raimi on how the production of the first chapter of the latest Deadite adventure was like and what?s to come in the next episode. ?We tried to make it as fun as possible, my brother and I, when we were writing it. We thought if it was funny, or scary, or cool, then we thought, well, that?s what we?ve always used as an arbiter for what the fans would like,? Raimi said.

?We?re really just trying to please the fans, and we?re trying to do that by pleasing ourselves. So if we thought it was scary, funny, or Bruce was really an ignoramus who would be embarrassed for what he did, we thought it was the right thing to put into the script.? As for the future of Ash vs. Evil Dead, Raimi is confident on taking on the next season even if the show just premiered. ?I?d love to direct another episode. I loved working with that New Zealand crew,? he said.

Catch Ash vs. Evil Dead next Saturday at 9PM ET on Starz.

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