Arya Stark Might Play as Ellie in The Last of Us Movie

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The Last of Us movie is now under development. And there are talks about Game of Thrones? Arya Stark to play as Ellie. Although nothing is confirmed, everyone is very excited to see Masie Williams in the Last of Us movie.

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During this year?s San Diego Comic-Con, the Last of Us production team met with HBO?s Game of Thrones actress Masie Williams and talked to her about the upcoming Last of Us movie which was announced last March. Masie Williams is said to take the role of Ellie. Adam Vary of the Last of Us team posted it on Twitter.


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However, nothing is signed yet so there are possible changes to the cast. Ashley Johnson, the voice behind Ellie (in the game), would be perfect for Ellie. However, she?s a bit too old to play a 14-year old girl onscreen. The Last of Us crew has to find someone else who will fit the bill.

It is indeed difficult to find child actors these days. Especially, if the character that they need to portray is one of the most loved characters of the gaming world. Luckily, Masie Williams would definitely make a decent Ellie. We have seen Masie Williams play as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. She did an awesome job in sticking her sword?s pointy end.

There are also several casting calls for the Last of Us movie. Some wanted Ellen Page do the role of Ellie, others would go for Clive Owen or Chloe Grace Moretz. Some of the gamers do not want a movie of the game. They say that it might ruin Last of Us? reputation by making a movie adaptation of it. However, nothing is revealed yet and there are bound to be surprises.


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Sam Raimi, the director of the original Evil Dead and the Spider-Man trilogy, will be the producer of the said movie. Also, the game writer Neil Druckmann is taking a first pass at the game?s script.

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