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With Halo 3’s Beta already out and running, there seems to be a minor stir starting already. Will this game live up to the inevitable hype it’s bound to create? No. In fact, it never will. Why? Because Halo is one of the most over-hyped game series to date.

So, what is it that makes people praise these games so much?

Reason 1: It’s the good stuff!

Obviously they’d have to be pretty good games to begin with. Controls have to be solid, buttons configurations need to be comfortable, camera placement had to be done well. In most (if not all) cases these games are of genre defining quality. They don’t just play well, they set the standard from which most future games in their genre go from.

Reason 2: They introduce new players.

This, in my opinion, is the main reason why people over-hype them. Since these games are so good, it gets introduced to new people in a variety of ways. These people pick up the games, play the genre for the first time and think “Wow…. Where has this been all my life?”. It’s new, it’s exciting and interesting. It introduces fanatics to their ‘Precious’. It becomes even more exaggerated when it’s a game that has introduced people who had never really played games much before then. Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, World of Warcraft, God of War…. all of these games did well to bring newcomers into the world of video games. Naturally, they’ll want to show that appreciation.

*Looks at the many, many video game Internet forums*

Reason 3: Sequels increase loyalty.

Essentially it breaks down to this formula.

Amount of time the players have to wait + the quality of the sequel after it’s released * the level of fanaticism of the player = Hype for the series overall. In my theory, this is how Final Fantasy stayed alive over the years. Number 7 generated so many fanatics that it helped to carry the entire series for quite a while.

Reason 4: A sense of community.

And, finally, we have the last reason. In my opinion, people tend to appreciate games more if it helps produce a common bond with their peers. This is especially apparent with those who play Online Multiplayer games such as Halo or World of Warcraft. The social contact only helps to add to more loyalty to the a-typical fanboy.

In conclusion, it’s not really a bad thing to appreciate a game for what it’s worth. To enjoy games is really what this is all about. However, you have to remember that just because it’s a good game doesn’t mean you have to blindly follow it off a cliff. Learn to accept what minor flaws it may have, or even the idea that not everyone lives, eats, and breaths this particular obsession of yours.

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