Arrow Season 5 Updates and Spoilers: Oliver Queen Trains New Recruits for Team Arrow; Colton Haynes to Return?

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Arrow Season 5 is bound to introduce new characters. After the old Team Arrow left, Oliver Queen will have to train new recruits. The newcomers should take their place and continue their tasks.

Apparently, Stephen Amell will be joined by new cast members when Arrow returns for its fifth season. Actors Rick Gonzales and Madison McLaughlin are all set to join the next installment. Aside from these actors, Chad Coleman and Je Dinicol will also have their respective roles in the show.

Fans are assured that these new actors are going to be good guys in Arrow Season 5. They will help Queen defeat the villains in the upcoming season.

Colton Haynes to Return in Arrow Season 5?

Recent reports claim that Colton Haynes will make a comeback in Arrow Season 5. It can be recalled that he left the hit series during the third season of the show. The reason why he had to do so was so he can give way for Queen to accomplish his task as the Arrow.

Haynes plays the role of Roy Harper. Harper had to spend time in jail in the past episodes of Arrow. He pretended to be dead while he was in prison, which gave him the chance to escape. Thus, spoilers claim that he could be back in Arrow Season 5.

Haynes had previously explained the reason why he needed to take a rest from the show. He said it was actually his health condition that prevented him from working. The actor further stated that he had an ulcer at that time.

According to reports, Hayne?s being back in Arrow Season 5 is not yet officially confirmed. Leaked photos that show him appearing on the set seems to confirm that he will be doing a guest appearance.

In Arrow Season 4, Haynes already did a guest appearance. Rumor has it that it is going to be the same for the fiftth installment of the series. Fans will surely be looking forward to see Haynes and the rest of the new and original cast when Arrow Season 5 premiers on October 5, 2016.

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