Arrow Season 5 Cast, Release Updates: From Fallen Black Canary To Artemis; Madison McLaughlin To Return

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Someone will be returning for Arrow Season 5 and she will back not as a good character but something else. Who is this reappearing villain?

According to reports, a new antagonist is set to be part of the hit TV series on its fifth installment, and this is no less than Artemis. However, speculations bared that the actor who will be portraying the said villain is not new to Arrow.

Madison McLaughlin has been tapped to return to the series to play a new villain role. It should be remembered that McLaughlin was first seen in Arrow when she played the role of young Evelyn Sharp. And now she will be back as Artemis and not as the fallen Black Canary.

Sharp accepted the role of fallen Black Canary before to be able to get chance to get revenge against Damien and Ruve Darhk, whom she considered the people behind her parents? death. Her role as Sharp in the upcoming season 5 will be quite a handful.

Reports also speculated that McLaughlin?s character will be appearing in Arrow Season 5?s second episode. In her comeback, she is set to carry a new identity and that is Artemis, who also wore a mask and is also an archer.

It must be noted that Artemis is not a hero in the first place but more of a villain. The character?s parents are Tigress and Sportsmaster, who are both known as villains in the show. Artemis was also a former member of the Injustice Society.

The storyline plotted for the upcoming fifth installment contradicts the story of the animated series Young Justice. According to the latter, Sharp will eventually be turning into a hero and will help the main character Green Arrow. This was after Roy Harper?s exit from the show.

Meanwhile, while everyone is raring to see Arrow Season 5 on television, fans can opt to secure The Dark Archer comic, which has insights about Malcolm Merlyn?s past. The said comic is available on digital media and is penned by Barrowman and Carole Barrowman.

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The series will be released on October 5, 2016 on The CW.

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