Arrow Season 5 Air Date, Cast And Spoilers: Green Arrow In New Costume! Will He Go Shirtless?

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What will be Stephen Amell?s costume in the forthcoming Arrow Season 5? This has been one of the frequently asked questions now. Everyone seems to be interested in what Green Arrow will look like once the fifth installment airs.

It must be known that it is not new for the actor to change his outfit as he does it every season. During the pilot installment, Oliver Queen, the character played by Amell, was seen clad only in a green leather hoodie that covered his face while shooting arrows against villains in Star City.

Later on, changes came for his costume. This is to depict the major improvements on Green Arrow every season. Now, come season 5, Amell spilled the beans to the fans about some changes in his trademark hoodie costume.

Reports revealed that during a question and answer on Facebook, the actor said that his outfit the forthcoming season will be something different from the previous ones. However, he kept mum on further details. This cliffhanger left everyone curious on whether the suit will be entirely modified or just a tweak from his costume back in season 1 and 2.

It should be remembered that back in the second season, Barry Allen updated Amell?s outfit in the show by adding a black mask over the character?s face to hide more portions of his face. Meanwhile, during the third installment, Allen modified it slightly and focused more on upgrading the gear Green Arrow has.

During season 4, Queen returned to the series wearing a sleeveless yet armored costume. The outfit was paired with shoulder pads and gauntlets. It is noticeable that the green hood remains, making it resemble the costume in the comic books.

Meanwhile, many fans are hoping that the actor will be coming to Comic Con 2016 and show off his new costume for Arrow Season 5. However, it has never been done before so it is unlikely to happen. Should the rumors about the changes in costume be true, it might suggest that the developments will more likely be for Rebirth.

The modification in the costume seems to be necessary, especially now that the protagonist is expected to combat more villains this season. ?But will it be a shirtless outfit? Rumor says it will be.

On the other hand, here are the new names that are set to join the cast members of the show. Wild Dog, Vigilante and Tobias Church will be joining Artemis to appear on the series.

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The series is set to return on small screens on October 5, 2016 on The CW.

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