Arrow Season 4 Spoilers: Will Nyssa Al Ghul Die? Felicity?s LIfe In Grave Danger?

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Arrow Season 4 Spoilers, Arrow Season 4 Episode 16

Arrow spoilers come in different angles from main characters believed to have died before Season 4 ends. Fans could not move on concerning who is the person in the grave, so the guessing game is still on. But rumors have it that aside from the character who?s already in that grave, another will also say goodbye to the series due to the grudge that involves Malcolm Merlin. In addition, Star City is into another threat from a returning villain.

Talks are circling around the net about a character that might possibly say goodbye to Arrow Season 4. This character is believed to be not the same person that fans have been talking about since season 4 began.

It is believed that Katrina Law who is known as Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow will be saying goodbye to the show. There is no official statement yet but Fashion N Style reports that Katrina has a new TV series on CBS. She will be playing the role of a detective named Rebecca Lee of CBS? new series ?Training Day.?

The report states that Nyssa al Ghul might be killed off in Arrow season 4. This is possible because Malcolm is still nursing a grudge against her and Oliver. Malcolm was the leader of League of Assassins before Nyssa ousted him and eventually disbanded the group.

One of the spoilers of Arrow Season 4 reveals that in the upcoming episode, Malcolm might lead a coup so that he would be the next leader of the H.I.V.E while Damien Darhk is already put behind bars. If Malcolm will rise again with his new organization, he could try to get revenge on Oliver and Nyssa.

However, there is also a possibility that Katrina Law?s character will still live since CBS is part owner of CW. So, things can be possibly arranged. Besides, Law was still seen in the recent photos of the funeral scene that went viral.

Aside from Nyssa, another death is expected in Arrow Season 4 episode 16. A new threat is lurking in Star City because of Cupid?s return. Christian Today reveals that Amy Gumenick is the center of attention in ?Broken Hearts? episode as she reprises her role as Cupid.

Cupid first appeared in Arrow Season 3. Before she was recruited by Amanda Waller as a member of the Suicide Squad, she was known to be obsessed with the green vigilante and she practiced archery. Also, before she became Cupid, she is Carrie Cutter who was a police woman in SCPD. But now that she is back in Star City, her main objective is to kill ?everyone whose fate in love is the opposite of hers.?Thus, Oliver and Felicity would pretend to get married as a ploy to catch the broken-hearted Cupid.

There you have Arrow Fans, it seems death is everywhere in Star City. What do you think of Nyssa being killed off in Arrow season 4? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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