Arrow Season 4 Premiere: Domestic Spat, New Villain Spice Up Return Of The Superhero Show

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Arrow recently returned to the small screen in force with a surprising, mysterious, action-packed premiere. Many viewers were on the edge of their seats and quite enjoyed the premiere episode.

However, there were many high points of the show. Some of them according to Forbes?are as follows:

Trouble in paradise: The peaceful domestic life is one that Felicity Smoak, in particular, is not a fan of. While Oliver seems mildly content?and has the ring to prove it?Felicity is restless, irritated with their milquetoast neighbors, and, we discover, working with the team back in Star City on the sly.

Trouble in hell: Meanwhile, in the hellish city-scape that is Starling City?er, Star City now as it?s been given a comic book rebranding?is in trouble again. The ?Ghosts? are too well trained and they commit suicide when defeated rather than being captured. So Thea and Laurel go to pay a visit to the lovebirds, and Felicity jumps at the chance to go help. Oliver is a little more wary of returning, but he falls in line.

A new villain: Damien Darhk is the show?s new uber-villain, and he?s a pretty excellent choice.

A new threat: Once again Star(ling) City is under attack. Darhk claims he wants to destroy the city because only from death can new life grow. Captain Lance takes a bullet, but we find out later that?s because he?s working with the enemy.

Now that team Arrow has been operating without Oliver for months, we?ll see a shift in power in the team, according to Guggenheim. ?I think everyone has learned their lessons from last year. I think the way we?re finding conflict in the show this year is very different from the past three years. It?s not as much about Oliver being angry or people being angry at Oliver. It?s not as based in secret-keeping as it was? I felt the team was pretty cohesive operating before Oliver gets back into town and I think you?ll see that cohesion continue into future episodes,? reports Variety.

According to TV By The Numbers, the Season 4 premiere of Arrow on The CW scored better ratings than its Season 3 debut a year ago, rising a tenth of a point in adults 18-49. Black-ish was also up for ABC on Wednesday, but that was about it as far as positives.

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