Arrow Season 4 Opener Highlights: Watch Out For These Easter Eggs!

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The season premiere of the fourth season of Arrow will start airing next week, and we got some tidbits for the premiere.

Although we may have to wait a few more days before we can watch the season premiere of Arrow, entertainment website TVLine managed to get a chance to watch the premiere in a special screening and here are some of the info they shared for the first episode.

  • Felicity and Oliver are living in a suburban life, but this bores Felicity to death, as they returned to Team Arrow, there are revelations to come out.
  • Thea?s lack of restraint is giving Oliver some concern over her. Also she is not living in the Queen loft as she is staying elsewhere, after the events where Ra?s stabbed her in the living room and left her to die there.
  • Diggle and Oliver?s relationship is not in a good shape, especially when Diggle made a harsh statement to Oliver over his way of having darkness inside of him.
  • Damien Darhk made his appearance and his grand plans has been known around Star City?s top leaders, including Waler Steele, who now has no intention to become mayor.
  • There will be an Easter egg in the season premiere as well as a big twist.
  • Laurel kicks ass, especially when she saved her dad from an attack, and it was her and Thea that asked Oliver for help, instead of Diggle, in saving the city from Damien Darhk?s ghosts.
  • Remember who will going say this line: ?If Oliver Queen always made the right choice, he wouldn?t need you.?
  • Two characters in the episode are keeping a very important secret.

If you are still excited on the season premiere, you can check out this 30-second teaser trailer, giving a glimpse on what to expect for Season 4. The fourth season of Arrow will premiere on October 7 at the CW.

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