?Arrow? Season 4 Episode 16 Spoilers: Real Wedding Or Just For Show?

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Do you hear the wedding bells ringing?

Well, not yet, but next week will definitely be a good treat for all the viewers of ?Arrow.?

After all the rough roads Oliver Queen (portrayed by Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (acted by Emily Bett Rickards) had to face, both of them are now ready to settle down. Indeed, love wins!

In a report by Christian Today, it should be expected that in episode 16 of the series? season 4, the much awaited wedding of Oliver and Felicity will be happening. This is after executive producer Marc Guggenheim couldn?t hide his excitement for the episode by posting a photo of the two at an altar.

His caption reads: ?Not a dream sequence. Not a hallucination. Not an alternate reality. Not a flash forward to a potential future.?

How exciting it will be to see the couple walking down the aisle after all they?ve been through. It must be remembered that Felicity had already broken up with Oliver before but of course, if it?s meant to be, it will be.

However, a synopsis released for the forthcoming show seems to be unaligned with the supposed happy and memorable wedding ceremony. Is the happy ending not yet within reach?

In the report, the scene appears to have a different path. The synopsis revealed that a heartbroken Cupid, played by guest star Amy Gumenick, is set to return to Star City and bump off those who are in love.

How? Well, the synopsis says she kills all lovers on their special occasion, their wedding day. (Oh no!) If that?s the case, the wedding ceremony might just be a bait for Cupid, purely for show. ?

Meanwhile, Felicity will be bothered by her broken engagement with the Green Arrow as seen in the teaser. Expect a flash forward in the episode about a mysterious grave. So who?s in there? Rickards bared to Entertainment Weekly that the character in the grave is a vital person in Felicity?s life.

“I think that it’s someone closer to Felicity. I always thought it would be somebody closer to Felicity. I just think that it’s probably going to hurt everyone a lot, like a lot,” Rickards said.

Catch “Arrow” season 4 episode 16 on The CW, March 23.

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